Notes on Gender Role Transition

The Gendered Self-- Further commentary on the transsexual phenomenon

Chapter 10. Summary and Final Thoughts

Anne M. Vitale Ph.D.

After a brief summation of the physical and mental health complexities all transsexuals live with, some final thoughts are presented. Experience has shown that there is an enduring Dark Side to being transsexual and there is an equally enduring Bright Side. The Dark Side is characterized by external societal factors based on ignorance, misunderstanding and outright transphobic prejudice forcing the establishment of a partial to full underground existence for the post treated transsexual. The Bright Side is characterized by relieve from debilitating gender dysphoria, and a mix of delightful surprise and muted disappointment upon assimilating the person long known to exist inside. In addition, free of gender expression deprivation anxiety, post-op people tend to melt invisibly back into society, come to terms with their losses over time and flourish.


The Gendered Self 2010, Anne M. Vitale PhD, All rights reserved

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