Notes on Gender Role Transition

The Gendered Self-- Further commentary on the transsexual phenomenon

Chapter 4 Treatment Limits and Options

Anne Vitale Ph.D.

This chapter attempts to put gender role transition into proper perspective. The medical field has come a long way over the last several decades in learning how to treat transsexualism. Countless lives have been saved and amazing physical results have been obtained. However, we have also learned that there are biological and psychological limits in gender role transition that cannot be transcended. It is an error for individuals undergoing gender role transition and those who are aiding in the process to believe that the objective is simply to exchange the individual's polar positions on the male/female binary. It is important therefore that both client and therapist keep a proper perspective on what is medically possible and what is not in order to overcome any false expectations. This chapter will address those limitations.


The Gendered Self 2010, Anne Vitale PhD, All rights reserved

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