Notes on Gender Role Transition

The Gendered Self-- Further commentary on the transsexual phenomenon

CHAPTER 6 -- GENDER ROLE TRANSITION--Clinical Interventions

Anne Vitale Ph.D.

This chapter looks at the specifics involved in gender role transition. The Triadic Treatment Plan (psychotherapy, hormonal therapy and surgery) as clearly delineated in the WPATH Standards of Care serves as the armature around which the mechanics of gender role transition are based. The first few sessions with a psychotherapist, being the most crucial, are discussed in detail. The procedure, its limits and options prior to making more serious physical commitments are discussed. For serious cases, the administration of cross-sex hormones, ancillary procedures such as chest reconstructive surgery for female-to-males, hair removal and facial feminization surgery for male-to-females, and the variations and options for Genital Reassignment Surgery for both types are examined.


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